Airborne Sprite Can (NEW Model)
Suspend a glass in midair as you pour from a Sprite™ soda can!

Airborne Sprite Can (NEW Model)


Glass stays suspended in midair as you pour liquid into it from a Sprite™ soda can!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Real can- and really amazing!


This effect has just been re-released, with a TOTALLY DIFFERENT method that is easier to handle and perform!

This is an incredible effect using a real Sprite™ can!
Start pouring liquid from this can into a glass.
As you pour, let go of the glass.
The liquid is still pouring from the can into the glass, but the glass is suspended in midair! Wow!

This can is the most popular of the Airborne effects, because if you don't want to use sugary soda, you can use clear water pouring from the can and it looks realistic, as if it was really Sprite™ soda.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • gimmicked Sprite™ soda can
  • gimmicked plastic glass
  • printed instructions

You supply the liquid.


Q: how long can it float?
Asked by: jason - 12/29/2015
A: As long as there is liquid pouring out of the can, you can make this illusion work. So it depends on how long it takes you to pour all of the liquid from the can.

Answer provided by: (12/29/2016)

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