Airborne Bud Light Aluminum Can
Suspend the glass in midair as you REALLY pour liquid into it!

Airborne Bud Light Aluminum Can


Glass stays suspended in midair as you pour liquid into it from a Bud Lite bottle!


Age Adults   Level 2

Popular effect with a popular beverage!

And this is the NEW and IMPROVED version of this classic trick!
This gimmick is SO EASY to use- you'll love it!

This is a jaw-dropping illusion using a REAL aluminum Bud Light bottle!
Simply start pouring liquid from this bottle into a glass.
As you pour, let go of the glass.
The liquid is still pouring from the bottle into the glass, but the GLASS IS SUSPENDED IN MIDAIR! WOW!

The Airborne Bud Light Bottle is one of the most popular of the Airborne effects, because the bbright blue bottle is so recognizable, and it can easily be seen from a distance!

Because this trick involves the idea of using alcohol, we recommend it for adults only.

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