The Monticup Gargoyles

Posted by Peter Monticup on 10/25/2020 to My Life In Magic

In medieval times, ancient architects and stone carvers installed gargoyles on buildings as a decorative way to drain excess rainwater off roofs.
Since they were very effective at protecting buildings from deterioration, they eventually became known for protection of the spiritualistic kind, namely to ward off evil spirits and bad luck.
We just like the way they look!
Decorating our home with many gargoyles makes our home so magical.
And we appreciate the protection- from door to door solicitors who are too scared to knock on the door!
At last count, we had over 100 gargoyles installed around our home, inside and out.
Take a look at some of the many guardians of the Monticup house...


Date 11/10/2020
Joe Attanasio
Peter, you and Jackie are expert and extraordinary collectors of a variety of treasures. Your collection of gargoyles and their installation are impressive. The video is nicely done. Joe

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