86 DISCONTINUED S.S. Adams Cartoon Deck
Cartoon magician pulls the chosen card out of his hat, then disappears!

86 DISCONTINUED S.S. Adams Cartoon Deck


Watch the cartoon magician pull the chosen card out of his hat, then disappear! Authentic S.S. Adams!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

You'll FLIP for this one!


A classic card trick from the S.S. Adams vault.
Comes in the authentic S.S. Adams wrapper that you remember from your childhood!

An incredibly amazing card trick that you can do INSTANTLY!
Watch the video demo to see how astounding this trick is!
If you can flip the edges of a deck, you can do this trick!

Your spectator names ANY card out loud.
Show him that each card in this deck has a little drawing of a magician.
When the edge of the deck is flipped, the drawings become animated, like a little movie.
The little magician pulls a card from his top hat, and - it is the card that your spectator named out loud!
But wait!
As a bonus, if you do the trick again, the little magician disappears!

Though it seems incredible, this card trick is really easy to do.
No sleight of hand is necessary, and it can be repeated immediately.

These cards are Poker size, have a custom back design and are packaged in authentic and distinctive S.S. Adams nostalgic packaging.
You can also buy this deck in Bicycle Brand poker size.
Both the Cartoon decks work exactly the same way- the only difference is the back design, the size of the cards and the packaging.

See our entire line of S.S. Adams classic pranks and tricks
Find out what makes S.S. Adams so special!

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What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • S.S. Adams Cartoon Deck
  • printed instructions

And that's all you need!


Q: What is the difference between your 9.95 product trick deck to your 20 plus dollar trick deck that's the same name? Instructions?
Asked by: Dennis - 8/26/2015
A: The difference is that the more expensive deck is made with Bicycle brand cards, with the Bicycle back design. Some magicians prefer to use all Bicycle back cards for their tricks, so that their decks all look similar.

The S.S. Adams deck is less expensive and is made with cards that have a custom back design. But as a bonus, if you want to repeat the trick, the second time the magician disappears.

Both decks are quality made, and both operate exactly the same way.

Answer provided by:  MagicTricks.com (8/26/2015)

Customer Reviews

One of my favorit card tricks.
This is one of my favorite card tricks. I love how the magician chooses the card from his hat its adorable. It is great that this trick can be easily reset in just a few minutes to do it again. I also like the fact that you can make him disappear, this comes in handy especially when doing it for people who do not know when to stop asking you to do the same trick again and again to figure it out.. Just say woops!.... looks like he disappeared, I guess he is all done. :) And if they do ask to see it again just put him in a drawer box and make him permanently disappear Lol This trick is also one of the only card tricks I have found easy enough for younger kids to understand perfect for little kid shows ( But take in to consideration most little kids won't care that he has pulled there card out of his hat they will mainly be amazed that the magician moved Lol. At least that is the reaction I get out of most of them.)
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Ohio. on 7/2/2018
Great card trick..
This trick is very very cool. I recommend asking the spectator to think of a card in their head, instead of fanning out. This method takes the heat off of u when trying to find the card and work the magic...
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from TN. on 1/30/2015
The trick is very nice, especially for a young audience. It would have gotten a higher rating, however, the written instructions with the cards do not explain how to misdirect the audience so they don't pay attention to you rotating the reveal card and placing it on the bottom. I had trouble fining this page that has the video showing how to rotate the card without drawing attention.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from WA. on 12/28/2014

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