Ace High Casino Deck + ONLINE VIDEO
You can cut to all four Aces!

Ace High Casino Deck + ONLINE VIDEO


A storytelling effect where you can cut to all four Aces!
ONLINE VIDEO: See exactly how to set up and operate this deck


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

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A sock-em ending that's actually easy to perform- once you know the secret!

If you love tricks that tell a story, then this one's for you!

This tale is all about a casino that specialized in only one game, called Ace High.
The spectator would cut to a card, and the dealer would cut to a card.
Whoever cut to the higher card won.
You show your spectator what you mean by each of you cutting the deck to a card.
(It does not matter at this point who wins, you are just showing how the game works.)

Next, you make it a little more serious.
You ask the spectator if he wants to make a fun wager on the game.
The spectator can bet a dollar, or a penny, or as in Dirk's case, a piece of chocolate!
Of course, this time YOU draw the higher card!
Repeat the wager, and again, you will always draw the higher card.

And now for the grand finale of the trick:
Continue the story about the casino.
The casino was going out of business, but wanted to hold one last big game.
The winning prize in the last Ace High game was the ownership of the casino itself!
Only ten players were eligible to play, and you were one of them.
The winner would have to cut the deck four times, and would have to cut to the FOUR ACES!
Each of the other nine players tried to do this, but none of them were able to cut ot the Four Aces.
Now it was your turn.
And you demonstrate to your spectator how you won the casino- you cut to ALL FOUR ACES!

BUT WAIT, that's not all!
You show the spectator the design on the back of the cards.
On the backs of the cards is printed the name of the casino, the Gold Rush Casino.
Yet, after you won the casino, you see that the name of the casino has vanished on the backs of the cards, to be replaced by YOUR name!

There is a blank space on the back of the cards to print your name, if you want.
Or you can leave it blank, as Peter Monticup does in the demo.
If you do want to print on the cards, we recommend using a permanent Sharpie marker.
Make sure to let the ink dry completely before stacking the cards back together, to avoid transferring the ink to the face of the cards.

You'll also get Monticup's exclusive online video instructions to help you learn this trick quickly!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Ace High Casino Deck
  • printed instructions
  • ONLINE INSTRUCTION VIDEO: Monticup teaches you exactly how to set up and perform this effect

And that's all you need!

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