When I was seven years old, my parents bought this Giuletti accordion for me. I could barely hold it up!
Within a few years, I could play well enough to perform in public.
Not only did I play at the many family gatherings my Italian family had, but I also found myself playing at many interesting events!


Gary Ray Howell

Date 4/13/2020

I always enjoyed Italian music. Thank you for the entertainment.

Hal Ottenstein

Date 4/18/2020

my goodness... all these years and I never knew you played. I also have been a musician since I was a kid....my maind instrument is clarinet and also keyboard. thanks for sharing that. !

Guy Lintner

Date 4/20/2020

Pianist, accordionist magician , so very talented . When and why did you start playing the piano, I would love to learn to play the piano. Love your magic and now your music as well.

Big Gerry Feher

Date 4/22/2020

"Well done.... ! You know what you cal perfect pitch on he accordion? When you throw in in the dumpster and it doesn't touch the rim.." lol Nice "Santa Lucia" well done God bless...

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