Let's get into the holiday spirit- sing along!!!...

Yes, this will give you an earworm for sure!!

"The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)" is a novelty Christmas song written by Ross Bagdasarian Sr. (under the stage name of David Seville) in 1958.
Bagdasarian sang and recorded the song, varying the tape speeds to produce high-pitched "chipmunk" voices.
It is third on the list of all-time best-selling Christmas/holiday digital singles in history!


Tom Bohacek

Date 11/24/2020

Peter, You are a concert pianist, and to see you on the accordion was quite the sight. Hope about doing it on the piano and sending me the music so I can. I took up the piano a couple of years ago.

Mr. G.

Date 11/24/2020

Bravo!!!! Such a great classic tune, and first time hearing it on an accordion!! Nicely done and thanks for the memories.... Thanks for the history on the tune, it was interesting... Too bad you didn't sing along and maybe harmonize with Jackie!!

Jerry McMillan

Date 11/24/2020

My friend your amazing. What memories that brought back. That was my grandpa’s favorite funny song. Thank you ??

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