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The Absolons

Czechoslovakian Magic Stars

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Duo Absolon
Karel and Blanka Absolon

Petr Absolon
Petr Absolon

Lucie Absolon
Lucie Absolon

Monika Absolon
Monika Absolon


The Absolons are a family of magicians from Czechoslovakia, specializing in the performance of classical illusions.

Karel Absolon (born 1940) and his wife, Blanka (real name Blanka Ocelikova, born 1944) were the magical team of "Duo Absolon". Touring extensively in Europe, their program was noted for beauty and grace.

Karel Absolon became a professional magician at age 33, having been interested in magic since the age of 16. Prior to becoming a performer, he had a brief career as an electrical engineer.

Blanka also performed her own segment during the show, wonderfully themed around the magic of alchemy. The segment was a highlight of the show, as it showcased Blanka's technical abilities as well as her beauty and grace.

Son Petr performs magic as "New Absolon" with his wife, Monika. He also works extensively as a host of television specials. In the late 1990's, Petr had a musical group called "Absalom", which also included Monika. "New Absolon" started as a cabaret act, then toured the classic vaudeville theaters like Hansa Theatre Hamburg, then on to the large mainstream stages. Petr and Monika have also been a featured act for many years on cruise ships. The official website for NEW ABSOLON

Daughter Lucie also has a career in theatrical magic.


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