Video is a great art form. At least to me.
I love to perform magic for you, to tell jokes, to let people in on interesting bits of trivia and oddball information.

And that's exactly what I'll be doing here.
This will be a fresh approach to a magic blog.
You'll learn about all kinds of stuff, from performance tips to magic history to- how to make my famous hot dog sauce!

Join me! I will be adding a few new videos every week.

And let me know what you'd like to see.
Glad you're here!


wade hadley

Date 3/22/2020

Love your site . Its great doing business with you . Im not quite a magician but Ive always been interested . A couple of years ago, I found a full set of Tarbells books near a dumpster along with a few more books and Its been on every since ! I practice alot but havent done any tricks for anyone but my son . I want to be pretty good before I do . I never tell anyone how its done . Thanks for listening !


Date 3/22/2020

Have enjoyed your site with all of the videos and your prices can't be beat. When your in front of a crowd who does not know you, you must prove to them that you are a magician with the first effect you perform. Once done, they will want more and enjoy all that you do. Thanks for the magic.

James Swanson

Date 3/30/2020

Love watching the videos. Still would love to visit Virginia. Such an unbelievable time in history. I am going to connect for the lessons.

Luke Kiser

Date 4/1/2020

Peter Peter Peter!! You're to good to us. Love your boredom busters. It's just the thing for these days. The mixed up drunk shuffle is awesome. Added it to my bag of tricks. Take care. Luke

Susie Roth

Date 4/17/2020

Love it! Thanks!

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