A Grave Mistake
Comedy origami effect with a surprse ending! FULL SIZE VERSION!

A Grave Mistake


Comedy origami effect with a surprise ending! FULL SIZE VERSION!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Even the Grim Reaper would chuckle at this one!


Is your show a little wacky?? Are you a storyteller??
This fun and entertaining comedy bit is definitely for you!

This banner is the FULL SIZE and HIGH QUALITY version!
Don't be fooled by substitutes!

It's different, that's for sure!
The routine is basically an origami (paper folding) trick that gets funnier with each easy fold.

You relate a tale about trying to plan for your own funeral (yes, it actually gets funny!):
"Last week I got a brochure in the mail advertising the benefits of pre-planning my funeral.
Well, I made a grave mistake and called for an appointment.
The salesman said, 'You can have this beautiful casket for only $20,000."
As you are talking, you display a huge (25" wide by 38" tall) banner with a drawing of an embossed casket with an Austrian canopy and French velvet drapes.
"'That's really more than I want to spend', I said.
He countered with, 'No problem, we can eliminate the Austrian canopy, but still give you these beautiful French velvet drapes. That casket is only $15,000.'"
And you fold the top section of the banner down, which changes the illustration, making the casket smaller and less ornate.
"'Still, that's really more than I'd like to spend.' I told him.
He was persistent and told me, 'Look, I can eliminate the French velvet drapes and give you this gorgeous German embossed casket for just $9,000.'"
Again you fold the banner, which changes the illustration and makes the casket even smaller and less fancy.
"I told him still that was more than I want to spend.
That's when the salesman told me he had the perfect casket for me."
You make one last fold of the banner- and the resulting picture is of a large trash can!

This super easy effect is very visual and good for any size group.
It "plays big and packs small"!

This banner is the FULL SIZE and HIGH QUALITY version!
Don't be fooled by substitutes!

The illustration has been silk screened in deep black on nearly indestructible Tyvek ® material.
Won't tear! Wrinkle resistant!
Best of all, it's permanently PRE-FOLDED and all ready to perform!

This is a perfect emcee bit!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • A Grave Mistake banner
  • easy printed instructions

And that's all you need!

Banner is about 25" x 38". Printed on Tyvek ® material.

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