Magic Tricks for Ages 10 to 12
Astounding magic tricks chosen for the budding young magician!
But these are also great tricks for teens and adults!

Tricks for Ages 10 to 12

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Learn the secret of this amazing trick deck- perform dozens of tricks!
Perform incredible card tricks for the clever Svengali deck! So EASY!
Amaze your friends with tricks using an ordinary deck of cards!
Learn to make 50 different balloon animals for fun and profit!
Make several eggs appear from a silky cloth!
Display an entire deck of cards with a flourish- no skill necessary!
Visibly raise a borrowed quarter above a playing card!
Pour water again and again and again from an empty jug!
Joke fake hand is a great item to produce or use as a practical joke!
Produce and vanish silks and other small items in your hand! (this size is great for small hands)
Change one big bright flower into FIVE individual flowers!
Wave a silk flag to instantly change it to the correct design and colors!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's exclusive instruction video
Make a ghoul's head float away from his body!
Produce three boxes of flowers from an empty bag! (jumbo size)
Produce three boxes of flowers from an empty bag! (small size)
Make a flower appear at the tip of the wand!
Produce feather flowers from a colorful scarf!
Make real quarters travel invisibly between these cups!
Produce a large cake from a very small space!
Vanish any liquid poured into the can- then produce the liquid again at your command
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