Magic Tricks for Ages 10 to 12
Astounding magic tricks chosen for the budding young magician!
But these are also great tricks for teens and adults!

Tricks for Ages 10 to 12

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Smaller size magician's device lets you vanish objects in your bare hand!
Correctly name the clock time secretly chosen by your spectator!
Cloth top hat pops open or closes flat- makes you look like a magician!
Penny changes to dime, vanishes and appears inside the box!
Fool your spectator- his Three of Diamonds becomes a TREE of Diamonds!
$2.99 $1.99
Turn small bottles up and down- your spectator can't follow you!
$16.99 $11.99
Turn soda bottles up and down- your spectator can't follow you! And these won't break!
They can never name the face-up card!
$0.50 $0.25
Learn the secret moves to do the incredible color-changing hot rod!
BONUS: Includes TWO Hot Rods!
Change one card into another, make a card or message vanish or appear, and more!
Roll 'em in the aisles with this hilarious comedy routine involving a banana!
BONUS: You'll get an UPGRADED Vanishing Cloth!
Vanish a roll of candies, and change them into a colorful silk streamer!
Let your spectator drop the quarter into the glass- it's GONE!
Visibly make your crayons inside this box vanish- and reappear again!
Squash your hands together to make a glass of liquid disappear!
Count the leprechauns- one vanishes right before your eyes!
$6.99 $4.49
Make a pencil shrink- or make it completely vanish!
Vanish a magic wand instantly!
How did a bolted magic wand get into a glass bottle?
Pour water again and again from two empty bowls!
BONUS: exclusive online video How To Fill the Water Bowls!
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