Magic Tricks for Ages 10 to 12
Astounding magic tricks chosen for the budding young magician!
But these are also great tricks for teens and adults!

Tricks for Ages 10 to 12

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Make any small item appear from an empty bag, and more!
Make an egg or small item appear and disappear from inside an empty bag!
Spectators see real milk pouring from a glass- but you make it vanish!
BONUS: exclusive video- Best Method for Filling the Glass
Correctly predict which color your spectator will choose!
Full deck of miniature playing cards!
Change all the dice in a closed box to the same number!
Float a white ball in midair, and make it move at your command!
Turn a sponge ball into a sponge bunny rabbit in your hand!
Make silks vanish or appear inside a clear tube!
Three silks become American flag with the colors wrong, then correct!
No matter which way you turn it, the words are never right! Until you want them to be!
Can you "print" real dollars from blank paper?
You will ALWAYS win this one!
BONUS: Includes exclusive instruction video with tips
Instantly multiply ordinary coins- right into their hands!
Make little sponge feet appear, disappear, multiply- and turn into a Big Foot!
Instantly turn one bunch of flowers into TWO!
Make a cute pair of sponge rabbits appear, disappear- and multiply!
Produce banana after banana- and then make them vanish!
Turn one banana into two- then into a whole handful!
Make your magic wand multipy when you hand it to your spectator!
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