Magic Tricks for Adults
Astonishing magic tricks chosen for the adult magician!
Some of these tricks are designated "for adults only" because they involve cigarettes or fire.

Tricks for Adults

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Your new partner in ventriloquism! Lots of sassy charm!
Your new partner in ventriloquism! Lots of personality!
This little puppet comes in "hand-y"!
Chosen card escapes from a padlocked deck and appears in your pocket!
Double sided extra long card lets you perform two versions of this trick!
BONUS: Video instruction for Monticup's QuadraStack trick
Pour water again and again and again from this empty container!
Your spectator makes an IMPOSSIBLE match!
BONUS: Get an exclusive instruction video- see how it's done!
$5.99 $3.99
Make little red balls vanish, appear, multiply and more- inside an ordinary coffee cup!
Pour the pills from the vial- they stand up on end!
$9.99 $6.99
Grab a solid bubble from a cloud of floating soap bubbles!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's exclusive extra routine video!
Produce a pile of candy or prizes from this small empty pan!
Change liquid to silks or to another color liquid- and more!
Make a borrowed coin reappear inside a bag that's inside a box that's inside another box!
Make the pages of a coloring book color themselves-then vanish the drawings completely!
Make the pages of a POCKET coloring book color themselves-then vanish the drawings!
$5.99 $4.49
Instantly change a single black die into a handful of tiny white dice!
The magic knot ties two silks together- then unties itself!
Make the printing on a pencil move!
Produce lots of candy, prizes, etc. from this empty pan! Pedestal base design!
Produce lots of silks or cards from an empty popcorn box!
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