Magic Tricks for Adults
Astonishing magic tricks chosen for the adult magician!
Some of these tricks are designated "for adults only" because they involve cigarettes or fire.

Tricks for Adults

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Four individual sponges turn into a sponge shaped like the number 4!
Correctly name which animal your spectator secretly selected!
Know instantly which animal your spectator chose!
Produce a colorful bouquet of flowers from a magic wand!
Produce a real 8 Ball from a flat card case!
Change a silk to a RED candle, or produce a RED candle from thin air!
Change a silk to a WHITE candle, or produce a WHITE candle from thin air!
Make a cane appear from thin air, or change a silk to a cane!
BONUS: Includes FREE HOW-TO video
Instantly produce a big bouquet of flowers!
Instantly produce TWO big bouquets of flowers- one in each hand!
Produce a feather flowered plant from an empty pot!
Make golf balls appear, change color and GROW!
A cute foam bunny appears in your hand- or anywhere!
A cute smaller size foam bunny appears in your hand- or anywhere!
Liquid vanishes and changes into silks!
Pour water again and again from an empty metal vase!
Use a new method to correctly predict the thoughts of three spectators!
BONUS: Comes with EXCLUSIVE secret tips video
Your spectator's ESP cards match yours on a CLEAR see-thru card holder!
The water in the upside down bowl stays suspended inside!
Comedy effect- watch what appears tied between two scarves!
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