Magic Tricks for Adults
Astonishing magic tricks chosen for the adult magician!
Some of these tricks are designated "for adults only" because they involve cigarettes or fire.

Tricks for Adults

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Learn 40 ways to make your spectator select the card YOU want him to take!
$13.99 $7.99
Master the most difficult professional card moves- it's easy with this DVD!
Learn to perform amazing magic tricks with your ordinary coins!
Learn some easy and amazing tricks you can do with the Cups and Balls Set!
BONUS: Video instruction for Monticup's own routine!
Perform amazing tricks with ordinary money!
Perform incredible card tricks with no sleight of hand necessary!
Learn some easy and amazing tricks you can do with ordinary objects!
Magically transport the selected card to the top of the deck!
Make your spectator's chosen card appear inside an ordinary bottle!
Learn the secrets to these astounding bar bets- fool your friends!
Bend metal- spoons, forks, keys and more- as if with the power of your mind!
Vanish a signed borrowed bill and, it reappears inside a real piece of kiwi fruit!
Change a $1 bill into a $100 bill, and more!
Insider secrets for learning all the important cuts, forces, color changes and passes!
Learn all the shuffles, cuts, turnovers, snaps, scales and flourishes you need to make you an expert card handler!
Produce your spectator's chosen card on the OTHER SIDE of any glass window!
Turn HALF of any ordinary playing card or business card inside out!
Learn the quick and easy method to mastering some legendary card moves!
Spice up your act with card magic that does all the work for you!
Learn some truly original and amazing card routines!
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