Magic Tricks for Adults
Astonishing magic tricks chosen for the adult magician!
Some of these tricks are designated "for adults only" because they involve cigarettes or fire.

Tricks for Adults

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Visibly make the color vanish from these crayons!
Perform five astounding card tricks, including changing the color of the deck!
Instantly change a single black die into a single white one!
Hat changes into a different color five times!
Change a black knife into a white one, and back to black!
Change the colors on the paddles, then change them AGAIN!
Change the color of a pencil!
Instantly and visibly change a WHITE rope to a RED rope!
BONUS: Comes with BONUS instruction video
Change a red scarf into a yellow one by simply passing it through your hand!
Change a black wand into a color wand with a pass of your hand!
Classic effect updated- balls change color too!
$42.99 $32.99
Change black-white disks to white-black, then to green-yellow and red-blue!
Reveal the color of a secretly hidden rod- different method!
Link and unlink loops of COLOR rope- without untying them!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's extra rope routine instruction video!
Stump your spectator with this variation of the classic Three Card Monte trick!
Variation of the classic Three Card Monte trick- with deluxe cards!
Instantly reveal the color secretly chosen by your spectator!
Perform classic Cups and Balls routines PLUS Chop Cup routines with this set!
Dump an egg on your spectator's head, make the egg disappear and change into candy!
Vanish a bird in a box, take it apart and the bird is gone! Or is it??
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