Magic Tricks Where Something Changes Into Something Else
These are tricks where something changes into something else!

Tricks Where One Thing Changes Into Another

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Make a quarter and a Chinese coin change places right in your spectator's hand!
Change a US half dollar into a brass coin and a copper coin- and more!
Change the color of a cartoon clown's suit!
Produce coins from your fingertips- and make coins vanish from your hand- NO SKILL!
Make a real coin vanish or change it into another coin!
Change a red candle into a white candle- then make the candle vanish!
Turn red sponge balls into a black ball and a GIANT red cube, right in your hand!
Turn red sponge balls into a black ball and a red cube, right in your hand!
Visibly make the color vanish from these crayons!
Instantly change a single black die into a single white one!
Hat changes into a different color five times!
Change the color of a pencil!
Change a red scarf into a yellow one by simply passing it through your hand!
Change an English penny into an American half dollar coin!
BONUS: Comes with exclusive instruction video
Instantly change crayons into a multicolor silk streamer!
Change the color of two handkerchiefs by simply passing them through your hand!
Change a $1 bill into a $100 bill, and more!
Turn a real dollar bill into different currencies, then back again!
Change a multicolored stick into a magician's black wand!
Produce an endless number of flowers from your fingertips!
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