These are trick decks and packet card tricks that have a Bicycle back design. If your cards all have the same commercial Bicycle back design, it is harder for your audience to recognize them as trick cards!

Tricks Using Bicycle Back Cards

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Force deck of all JOKERS! Utility deck with many uses!
Easy way to force TWO different cards using the same deck- absolutely no skill!
Four cards turn themselves over, then turn into all Aces!
BONUS: Includes Monticup's exclusive handling instruction video
Make a spectator's signed card jump to the top of the deck, then change the deck to a solid block!
BONUS: Includes a 52 ON ONE Card
BONUS: Comes with extra FREE instruction video
Make a playing card fly around your body!
Shrink a chosen card to miniature size, then shrink the whole deck!
Magically turn over your spectator's freely selected card in the deck!
Magically turn over your spectator's freely selected card in the JUMBO deck!
Make a playing card fly away and return, plus learn bonus card sleights!
Amaze your spectators with these color changing, order changing cards!
Everything you need to become an expert card magician! NEW ASSORTMENT!
Turn ANY card deck into a marked deck!
Stunningly simple deck lets you perform the most mindblowing card effect ever!
Match your spectator's chosen card- under impossible conditions!
Magically print faces and backs on a deck of blank playing cards!
No skill, no system, no memorization marked deck!
Keep your spectator's selected card at your fingertips and under your control!
Make four cards change position, even though they are connected!
BONUS: Comes with FREE instruction video
Cards keep multiplying in your hand!
Perform unforgettable tricks with this unique 52 card deck and bonus cards!
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