Stage and Club Magic Tricks
Larger illusions and effects that can be seen from a distance
Easy to do- and spectacular!

Stage and Club Magic

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Control the legendary silver ball as it floats around in front of you!
Professional quality cloth makes Zombie Ball handling smooth and easy!
Magically refill and reseal an ordinary soda can!
Turn small bottles up and down- your spectator can't follow you!
$16.99 $11.99
Roll 'em in the aisles with this hilarious comedy routine involving a banana!
BONUS: You'll get an UPGRADED Vanishing Cloth!
Produce a bottle or flowers from a bunch of silks!
Three different sized ropes become all the same size in your hand!
Black and white rabbits change places- then change color!
Link loose pieces of chain into one single length of chain!
Make your magic wand multipy when you hand it to your spectator!
Produce endless coins from the air, and hear each of them fall into this tumbler!
Produce a live bunny from an empty box!
Produce your spectator's chosen card on the OTHER SIDE of any glass window!
Produce loads of items from a visibly empty tube!
Pass a long, sharp needle through a clear balloon- without popping the balloon!
Replacement supply of clear party size balloons
Produce feather flowers from a colorful scarf!
Make your spectator's chosen card appear inside an ordinary bottle!
Magically link and unlink eight solid metal rings!
$42.99 $29.99
This wooden chest resists anyone lifting it- until you let them!
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