Magic tricks that will work for a larger audience, in a club or from the stage.

Stage Magic Tricks

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Perform the classic 3-Card Monte swindle for a small audience!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's exclusive instruction video!
Correctly name the exact ESP card or any playing card selected by the spectator!
Vanish a die from inside a box- magical dragon design die box!
Get two thumbtips with REMOVEABLE red lights!
Make a large die penetrate right through two metal blades! Largest stage size
Produce a big bunch of flowers or silks from a thin pan!
The chosen card is the only one left balancing on the wand!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's exclusive card tips video!
Multiply a pile of coins, link separate rings together, and more!
Your rope has four ends- and instantly ties itself into three knots!
$13.99 $8.99
Change water into dry silks, do the Comedy Egg Can and more!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's exclusive setup and routine video!
Produce the predicted card in a really surprising way!
Totally impossible ball vanish and appearance- in The Zone!
BONUS: Comes with two additional special balls
Comedy origami effect with a surprse ending! FULL SIZE VERSION!
The water in the upside down bowl stays suspended inside!
Make two silks blend into a striped silk by blowing through a tube!
Magically change five pictures into different images!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's important tips video!
Produce a bottle or flowers from a fistful of silks!
Comedy effect- the gavel falls apart when handled by anyone else!
Link and unlink loops of COLOR rope- without untying them!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's extra rope routine instruction video!
Produce TWO loads of prizes, candy or party favors- no skill needed!
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