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Turn a real dollar bill INSIDE OUT! No sleights!
The name of the chosen card is punched out of a real half dollar!
Professional all metal magic wand- perfect size and weight!
Magically change five pictures into different images!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's important tips video!
Playing card visibly appears on clear glass!
Put a ring on a wand- inside a closed box!
Make a small brass weight defy gravity!
Magically link and unlink these pocket size rings!
Move the hole in a solid block of wood!
Special dice that make it impossible for you to lose!
BONUS: Get Monticup's tips video FREE!
Cards disappear from side of mug, leaving only the chosen card!
BONUS: Comes with FREE forcing deck!
Can you "print" real dollars from blank paper?? Large model
Professional balanced magic wand for the discriminating magician!
Melt a guillotine blade around a spectator's finger!
$27.99 $21.99
Correctly reveal the random card chosen by your spectator's birthdate!
BONUS: Comes with FREE secret technique instruction
Make a selected card appear inside a card box- with the name of the card written on the box!
You ALWAYS have the ONLY key that will open the lock!
BONUS: Get Monticup's own exclusive blockbuster routine- free!
Watch the metal nut unscrew from a bolt- BY ITSELF!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's exclusive tips video!
Make a silk or ball instantly appear in a burst from this tiny box!
Print a card box, then make a whole deck of playing cards instantly appear!
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