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Turn Aces upside down, then into Jokers- then into all different colors!
Make a string pass right through a solid brass nut!
You always know INSTANTLY exactly what was written- a card, a symbol, initials, a drawing- whatever!
BONUS: Includes exclusive FREE secret tips video
Make a soft rope become stiff and straight at your command! PRO MODEL
Change a long black streamer into one covered in polka dots!
Make backs change to faces, and correctly predict a chosen card!
BONUS: Comes with professionally prepared Bicycle deck
BONUS: Comes with FREE secret technique instruction
Correctly reveal the random card chosen by your spectator's birthdate!
BONUS: Comes with FREE secret technique instruction
$34.99 $23.99
Turn five Aces into five Jokers, then into a Royal Flush!
Get FIVE great tricks in one kit, and learn to do incredible paddle-changing magic!
Follow the Money Card- you make it impossible to do! Comes with DVD instruction!
The popular Linking Rings Set in GOLD!
Finally available again!
Produce lots of candy, prizes, etc. from this empty pan! Pedestal base design!
Change something into something else- the easiest way!
One great secret could be worth a million bucks to you! And there are 30 here!
Can YOU improve your card skills? Yes- it's EASY!
Make a peanut butter jar trade places with a jelly jar!
See EXACTLY how to handle the Telethought Pad!
Get this video FREE when you buy Telethought Pad from
Change one coin into another- then change it again!
BONUS: Includes a FREE book of 25 tricks you can do
BONUS: Includes PERSONAL coin inspection
Make an egg or small item appear and disappear from inside an empty bag!
Sparkly silver ball mysteriously floats at your command!
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