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THEY choose where to place their personal effects- but YOU are always right!
Match your spectator's choice- with a startling ending!
Change the number on a die sealed in a tiny box!
BONUS: Comes with exclusive FREE tips and routine video!
Make little balls vanish, reappear and multiply!
BONUS: Comes with exclusive FREE tips video!
Ordinary looking seat springs high in the air with just a touch!
Make silver dollars appear, multiply and vanish at your fingertips!
BONUS: Comes with EXCLUSIVE secret tips video
Slice a sword right through a solid key pin- and you don't even have to know how it's done!
Be ready to do incredible magic ANYTIME with ordinary objects!
Cut teeth into a solid metal key blank- with your fingers!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's exclusive tips video!
Make an egg appear and vanish from an empty bag!
BONUS: Comes with EXCLUSIVE bonus video!
Change 3 silver CDs into 3 color disks! Two DIFFERENT methods included!
Magically link and unlink eight HUGE solid metal rings! Best quality version!
Push real quarters right through a real half dollar!
Correctly predict the exact card selected by your spectator!
With EXCLUSIVE improved gimmick!
Your spectator's ESP cards match yours on a CLEAR see-thru card holder!
Use a new method to correctly predict the thoughts of three spectators!
BONUS: Comes with EXCLUSIVE secret tips video
Make a vanished silk appear in a Coke bottle!
BONUS: Comes with two FREE silks
Bend spoons, cause forks to melt into two pieces, twist metal- with the power of your mind!
BONUS: Comes with's own secret instruction video with extra routines
$23.99 $14.99
Store your coins safely- and even use this case to perform your coin magic!
Three cards, one Ace- and you'll never let them catch it!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's EXCLUSIVE "real cards" routine!
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