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Newest Demo Videos

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Learn the Muscle Pass- pop a coin high from your open hand!
Change the number of spots on a pair of dice, right in your hand, over and over!
Correctly name the single word selected from a book by your spectator!
Learn 21 easy and amazing tricks you can do anytime with coins, cards, rubber bands!
Secretly switch one card for another with this ingenious pocket device!
Produce your spectator's chosen card on the OTHER SIDE of any glass window!
Make your spectator's chosen card appear inside an ordinary bottle!
Vanish a roll of candies, and change them into a colorful silk streamer!
Perform unforgettable tricks with this unique 52 card deck and bonus cards!
Perform impressive tricks with this black-faced 52 card deck and bonus cards!
Make your magic wand multipy when you hand it to your spectator!
Two Card Monte- make one card change to another! - with DVD instruction
Float a bottle cap in midair, plus float other ordinary objects!
Turn the backs of your card deck into a rainbow of colors!
BONUS: Includes Monticup's exclusive video with tips
Push four real coins through solid brass- with DVD instruction!
Learn more tricks using your Thumb Tip gimmick!
Insider secrets for learning all the important cuts, forces, color changes and passes!
Perform 15 effects that switch one bill for another! - comes with gimmick
Learn all the shuffles, cuts, turnovers, snaps, scales and flourishes you need to make you an expert card handler!
Change Aces to Kings, then change the color of the backs of the cards!
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