Most Requested Tricks
These are the tricks and props that are most requested by customers, including:
The Two-Headed Quarter, The Rubber Chicken, the lights at the fingertips,
the Pride and Joy Card, the red cellophane Fortune Telling Fish!

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Make four cards change position, even though they are connected!
BONUS VIDEO - Monticup's online instruction shows you EXACTLY how to set and unset the gimmick
The legendary classic comedy prop- a great item to produce!
Make a coin vanish from your spectator's closed hand!
Make a coin vanish from your spectator's closed hand AND MORE!
Also includes the Scotch and Soda Secrets Revealed Instruction DVD
You can easily see through this convincing black blindfold- but they can't!
Real US nickel that squirts water!
Perform 15 effects that switch one bill for another! - comes with gimmick
Get two thumbtips with REMOVEABLE red lights!
Cloth top hat pops open or closes flat- makes you look like a magician!
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