Mentalism Magic Tricks
Mindreading miracles!
Magic tricks that involve mentalism or mindreading, tricks with numbers, memory or predictions.


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You always know INSTANTLY exactly what was written- a card, a symbol, initials, a drawing- whatever!
BONUS: Includes exclusive FREE secret tips video
Instantly know ANYTHING your spectator secretly wrote!
You ALWAYS have the ONLY key that will open the lock!
BONUS: Get Monticup's own exclusive blockbuster routine- free!
Match your spectator's choice- with a startling ending!
Reveal the contents of your spectator's secret message!
Random numbers match randomly selected cards in a TRIPLE prediction revelation!
Correctly reveal the random card chosen by your spectator's birthdate!
BONUS: Comes with FREE secret technique instruction
$37.99 $23.99
Easily name the word selected from either book by your spectator!
BONUS: Monticup's routine using ANY borrowed book!
Science magic with a comedy twist!
BONUS: Monticup's routine ideas and tips!
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