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Incredible selection of the best magic instruction DVDs on the market!
Covering card tricks, coin tricks, magic with everyday objects, mindreading effects and more!
Every magician needs a magical library of great DVDs!

Magic DVDs

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Can YOU improve your card skills? Yes- it's EASY!
Perform incredible magic anytime, anywhere with no special props!
Learn incredible card tricks using your Svengali deck! So EASY!
Learn the Muscle Pass- pop a coin high from your open hand!
Learn the simple secret methods of professional mindreading!
Discover the secrets behind professional card effects!
Restore a torn card or business card- you'll learn four different effects!
Nine methods to tear ANY newspaper into pieces- then instantly restore it!
Let Simon Lovell teach you his king-switching card trick miracle!
Amaze your friends with tricks using an ordinary deck of cards!
Learn to make 50 different balloon animals for fun and profit!
Tear a newspaper into pieces- then instantly restore it! Different method!
Watch and learn 24 incredible tricks that defy reason!
Learn some crazy cuts and moves with playing cards!
Float a bottle cap in midair, plus float other ordinary objects!
Learn easy packet tricks to amaze your friends- comes with all cards including Vampire Dawn, plus DVD!
Perform an easy, amazing and snappy ESP effect with a surprise ending!
BONUS VIDEO: Get exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert routine from Peter Monticup!
Turn five Aces into five Jokers, then into a Royal Flush!
Make a playing card fly away and return, plus learn bonus card sleights!
Michael Skinner's no-sleights version of Follow the Ace!
BONUS VIDEO: Monticup's exclusive online instruction teaches you to how to do the Monte with ordinary non-gimmicked cards!
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