Magic Tricks Level 2
LEVEL 2: Simple but amazing tricks! Even for beginners!
Easy to do, amazing to see! These tricks are very easy to learn,
and with a bit of practice to polish your technique, you'll get an incredible reaction!

LEVEL 2: Easy- Just Follow Instructions

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Learn balloon sculpture- fun and profit! Book, pump and balloons!
Locate any card in the deck instantly with this marked and stripped trick deck!
Make a cute fuzzy creature magically come to life!
Make a bottle move from one tube to another, change places with a glass, and vanish!
BONUS: Comes with two FREE silks
BONUS: Comes with FREE secret technique instruction
Make the solid metal ring jump on and off the rope!
$9.99 $6.99
Bend a REAL marked and borrowed quarter in your bare hands!
Turn ANY card deck into a marked deck!
Produce enough fingertip lights to fill up a bag- watch them glow!
Turn soda bottles up and down- your spectator can't follow you! And these won't break!
Learn secret handling techniques and tricks for your Scotch and Soda or Dime and Penny coins!
Produce a magical red light at the tips of your fingers! Get TWO lites plus DVD instruction!
Learn Rocco's secrets for the D'Lite Light from Fingertips!
Learn to perform exciting escapes like Houdini!
Perform incredible and easy tricks with ordinary money!
Amaze your friends with tricks using an ordinary deck of cards!
Perform stunning mindreading tricks with no skill necessary!
Learn secret techniques and routines for your Folding Coin!
Vanish any playing card, and it reappears from your mouth!
Spice up your act with card magic that does all the work for you!
Learn more advanced fancy cuts and card flourishes- the easy way!
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