Magic Tricks Level 2
LEVEL 2: Simple but amazing tricks! Even for beginners!
Easy to do, amazing to see! These tricks are very easy to learn,
and with a bit of practice to polish your technique, you'll get an incredible reaction!

LEVEL 2: Easy- Just Follow Instructions

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Make magic happen with this wand that does tricks!
Float a match in midair above a playing card!
Make real quarters travel invisibly between these cups!
Produce a quarter from a rolled dollar bill, push a quarter into a glass bottle, and more!
BONUS VIDEO: Get exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips from Peter Monticup!
Force your spectator to choose a specific card- the easy way!
$9.99 $6.99
Produce Freddie's missing head from a popped balloon!
Make gold and silver coins appear, vanish and reappear in your hand!
Reveal three chosen cards in a deck that eerily separates by itself!
Secretly switch one message, piece of paper, playing card or dollar bill for another!
Make coins travel invisibly, then vanish! - comes with an Expanded Shell
Make coins travel invisibly, then vanish!
Change six different color gems on a rod to gems of all the same color!
Make a playing card fly around your body!
Only you can make the magic bottle lay down and stay down!
Pass a die through a tube that's blocked by a magic wand!
Melt a guillotine blade around a spectator's finger!
Pour a seemingly endless supply of salt from your hand!
Magically turn over your spectator's freely selected card in the deck!
Make light objects move and levitate with this microfine thread!
Make red, green and yellow balls change places in a narrow tube with a Joker design!
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