Magic Tricks Level 2
LEVEL 2: Simple but amazing tricks! Even for beginners!
Easy to do, amazing to see! These tricks are very easy to learn,
and with a bit of practice to polish your technique, you'll get an incredible reaction!

LEVEL 2: Easy- Just Follow Instructions

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Make ordinary rubber bands seem to pass right through each other!
Make three silks tie themselves together inside a clear tube!
Package deal! Set of Cups and Balls plus DVD!
Make little balls appear, disappear and travel between three copper cups!
Make little balls appear, disappear and travel between three small cups!
Cut an ordinary rope into two pieces, then instantly make it whole again!
Amaze your spectators with these color changing, order changing cards!
Place a real coin into this box- the coin vanishes at your command!
Push a die right through a solid mirror!
Make a whole deck of playing cards instantly vanish!
Make a ball appear in a clear closed box- and then escape from the box!
BONUS VIDEO: Comes with exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips from Peter Monticup!
Produce a magical red light at the tips of your fingers, and toss it from hand to hand!
Touch a penny with the pen- the penny instantly changes to a miniature penny!
BONUS: Includes a FREE Pen Penetration!
Your spectator always chooses the Queen with a different color back!
Make spots appear and multiply on this jumbo domino card!
Display an entire deck of cards with a flourish- no skill necessary!
Turn two coins into one, one into two, make the coin vanish and more!
Perform coin vanishes, transpositions and penetrations with this precision-made quarter coin shell!
Powder coat your cards for easier fanning and handling!
Change a multicolored stick into a magician's black wand!
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