Magic Tricks Level 2
LEVEL 2: Simple but amazing tricks! Even for beginners!
Easy to do, amazing to see! These tricks are very easy to learn,
and with a bit of practice to polish your technique, you'll get an incredible reaction!

LEVEL 2: Easy- Just Follow Instructions

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Spectator's card is face-up in a face-down deck, with a different color back!
Change the six different color spots on both sides of a rod to all one color!
BONUS: you'll get an exclusive tips video- see how to reset and LOCK the rod
$34.99 $23.99
Comedy effect- the magic wand falls apart when handled by a spectator!
Grab a solid bubble from a cloud of floating soap bubbles!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's exclusive extra routine video!
Appear to take a bite out of a real quarter, then restore the coin again! (pro model)
Change one card into another, make a card vanish or appear, and more!
Comical wooden duck plucks your spectator's chosen card from the deck!
BONUS: Comes with FREE Svengali Deck!
Watch the cartoon magician pull the selected card out of his hat!
Easily escape from these impossible looking chain handcuffs!
Locate your spectator's card face-up in a face-down deck!
Change the back color of one Queen, and vanish the other three Queens!
Make little balls vanish, reappear and multiply using a single small metal cup!
Make a quarter and a Chinese coin change places right in your spectator's hand!
Pass a real borrowed cigarette through a playing card!
Change a US half dollar into a brass coin and a copper coin- and more!
Produce a set of glitter balls between all of your fingers!
Change the color of a cartoon clown's suit!
Vanish a borrowed coin, make it reappear inside the middle of four nested boxes!
Make a real coin vanish or change it into another coin!
Change a red candle into a white candle- then make the candle vanish!
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