Magic Tricks Level 2
LEVEL 2: Simple but amazing tricks! Even for beginners!
Easy to do, amazing to see! These tricks are very easy to learn,
and with a bit of practice to polish your technique, you'll get an incredible reaction!

LEVEL 2: Easy- Just Follow Instructions

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Move the hole in a solid block of wood!
Change all the dice in a closed box to the same number!
Instantly change crayons into a multicolor silk streamer!
Make any small item appear from an empty bag, and more!
Shrink a chosen card to miniature size, then shrink the whole deck!
Watch the bunny vanish from different places, then reappear! A kids show favorite!
Match your spectator's chosen card- under impossible conditions!
Produce and vanish quarters in the blink of an eye!
Produce a large ball, apple or orange from this really large chop cup!
Learn fifty easy tricks with ordinary objects!
Command the secret Genii to grab the rope and float the bottle!
Magically add color to a black and white Happy Birthday silk!
Let your spectator drop the quarter into the glass- it's GONE!
Do your best magic with a portable, professional, balanced Cups and Balls set!
Perform the most powerful deck trick in magic!
Perform a NEW version of the classic three card monte swindle with a shocker ending!
Secretly read a message written by your spectator! Plus switch items too!
Make money! Learn how to make fun sculptures and animals from balloons!
The very best balloons to make your very best balloon animals!
Take the pain out of blowing up your balloons! Two nozzles- two sizes!
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