Kis Show Tricks Magic Tricks
Magic for an audience of children.
School assemblies, birthday parties, picnics, etc.

*Kids Show and Birthday Party Tricks

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Change water into dry silks, do the Comedy Egg Can and more!
BONUS VIDEO: Get exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips from Peter Monticup!
Turn your assistant into a bunny! Great photo opportunity!
A carrying case for a banana???
Magically add color to a black and white Happy Birthday silk!
Learn how YOU can make money with your magic NOW!
Make spots vanish from a canister, and appear on black and white silks!
$42.99 $32.99
Change one big bright flower into FIVE individual flowers!
Change a long black streamer into a colorful one!
Vanish any liquid poured into the can- then produce the liquid again at your command
Make a peanut butter jar trade places with a jelly jar, then open the peanut butter jar and eat the real peanut butter!
Instantly produce a bouquet of 10 colorful flowers!
Make a red feather flower wilt or pop up at your command!
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