Kids Show and Birthday Party Tricks

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Take the pain out of blowing up your sculpture balloons!
Change a long black streamer into one covered in polka dots!
Make a cute fuzzy creature magically come to life!
$2.99 $1.99
Make a red flower appear, change to yellow, then vanish!
Learn to make 50 different balloon animals for fun and profit!
Visibly make the color vanish from these crayons!
Magically add color to a black and white Happy Birthday silk!
Take the pain out of blowing up your balloons! Two nozzles- two sizes!
Turn your assistant into a bunny! Great photo opportunity!
A carrying case for a banana???
Their card is the ONLY card in the deck that says Happy Birthday on the back!
Vanish a block from inside a box- even though you can see right through the box!
Learn how YOU can make money with your magic NOW!
Instantly change crayons into a multicolor silk streamer!
Have fun with your assistant- a lively rabbit in a hat!
Watch the bunny vanish from different places, then reappear! A kids show favorite!
Make spots vanish from a canister, and appear on black and white silks!
Change one big bright flower into FIVE individual flowers!
Split your raccoon puppet into three parts- then make him whole again!
Produce a large cake from a very small space!
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