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Perform lots of incredible magic with coins!
Make your spectator's signed card appear inside a clear box!
BONUS: Includes exclusive video with tips and routine
Joke fake hand is a great item to produce or use as a practical joke!
Make the tassels on these sticks grow longer or shrink, with a surprise ending! LARGE SIZE
Make four selected cards come to the top of the deck- inside a glass!
BONUS: Monticup's exclusive video instructions for this trick
BONUS: Monticup will personally set your deck
Make little sponge feet appear, disappear, multiply- and turn into a Big Foot!
Change a red candle into a white candle- then make the candle vanish!
Slim design! Safely store and carry your coin tricks in this handy coin wallet!
Switch one silk for another or make a silk appear inside a clearly empty box!
BONUS: Includes video that teaches you the Silk Vanish!
Learn lots of easy tricks you can do with everyday objects!
Predict exactly which card your spectator will deal!
Their lucky number leads to their chosen card!
Best marked deck- easiest to read and most deceptive!
Force a card, locate a card, change a card, perform dozens of tricks with no skill necessary!
A bottle moves invisibly between tubes, changes places with a glass, multiplies and changes color!
Produce a huge vibrant silk ribbon! 50 FEET LONG
Fill bigger and bigger glasses with milk from ONE tiny glass, then pour all that milk back!
$34.99 $23.99
Set of four punny sponges! Word play magic!
THEY choose where to place their personal effects- but YOU are always right!
The fan falls apart when handled by a spectator! Big and bold Deluxe version!
BONUS: Includes exclusive video with tips
Match your spectator's choice- with a startling ending!
Change the number on a die sealed in a tiny box!
BONUS: Comes with exclusive FREE tips and routine video!
$42.99 $34.99
Correctly predict the EXACT domino design your spectator makes!
Changes from one card into another- piece by piece!
Make little balls vanish, reappear and multiply!
BONUS: Comes with exclusive FREE tips video!
Ordinary looking seat springs high in the air with just a touch!
Everything you need to become an expert card magician! NEW ASSORTMENT!
Make silver dollars appear, multiply and vanish at your fingertips!
BONUS: Comes with EXCLUSIVE secret tips video
Make a Coke™ bottle vanish in a smash!
Instantly know ANYTHING your spectator secretly wrote!
Slice a sword right through a solid key pin- and you don't even have to know how it's done!
$5.99 $3.99
Be ready to do incredible magic ANYTIME with ordinary objects!
Ornate golden dragon top hat pops open and even has a hidden compartment!
Instantly produce a big handful of money!
Cut teeth into a solid metal key blank- with your fingers!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's exclusive tips video!
Make an egg appear and vanish from an empty bag!
BONUS: Comes with EXCLUSIVE bonus video!
Make a selected card appear inside a card box- with the name of the card written on the box!
Change 3 silver CDs into 3 color disks! Two DIFFERENT methods included!
Full deck of tough plastic washable Bicycle back playing cards
Magically link and unlink eight HUGE solid metal rings! Best quality version!
Push real quarters right through a real half dollar!
Correctly predict the exact card selected by your spectator!
With EXCLUSIVE improved gimmick!
Your spectator's ESP cards match yours on a CLEAR see-thru card holder!
Use a new method to correctly predict the thoughts of three spectators!
BONUS: Comes with EXCLUSIVE secret tips video
Make a vanished silk appear in a Coke bottle!
BONUS: Comes with two FREE silks
Get a lot of use out of this huge RED sponge ball- it squeezes really small!
Bend spoons, cause forks to melt into two pieces, twist metal- with the power of your mind!
BONUS: Comes with MagicTricks.com's own secret instruction video with extra routines
Make little balls appear, disappear and travel between three huge cups!
$37.99 $24.99
Random numbers match randomly selected cards in a TRIPLE prediction revelation!
Store your coins safely- and even use this case to perform your coin magic!
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