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Selection of great items to produce from a square circle, changebag, dye box, tube or other secret place!

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Make your magic wand multipy when you hand it to your spectator!
Make red sponge balls vanish, appear, multiply and more!
Size: about 9 feet by 4 inches
Turn a sponge ball into a big red sponge hand!
Make your spectator's card suddenly appear on a silk!
Learn to make 50 different balloon animals for fun and profit!
Hide this brick in a small space- what a surprise!
How did you hide that BOULDER under your hat?!
Produce this real-looking chocolate sandwich cookie from anywhere!
Produce or vanish this oversized microphone for lots of laughs!
Produce this giant toothbrush for a great comedy reaction!
Endless funny business with this sponge egg!
$4.99 $1.99
Make golf balls appear, change color and GROW!
Size: about 4 feet by 2 inches
Size: about 30 feet by 4 inches
Instantly produce a bouquet of 25 colorful flowers!
Make the white polka dots vanish from the streamer!
Produce this ridiculously large and realistic toothbrush for lots of laughs!
Instantly produce a big handful of money!
$11.99 $8.99
Size: about 50 feet by 4 inches
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