DISCONTINUED The Reserve: Bill Switch plus DVD
Learn 15 effects that switch one bill for another - comes with gimmick!

DISCONTINUED The Reserve: Bill Switch plus DVD


Perform 15 effects that switch one bill for another! - comes with gimmick


Ages 13 and up   Level 3

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People love to watch magic with money, especially magic that seems to MAKE money!

Borrow a one dollar bill from someone and turn it into a fifty or even a one hundred dollar bill!
Change U.S. currency into foreign bills!
Magically fold money into origami!
Even includes an easy to learn version of FLASH CASH!n> You know, the one where you hold five $1 bills in your hand, give a little shake, and you are now holding five $100 bills!
This DVD teaches you how to do it all!

And this DVD comes complete with the gimmick you need, plus a few foreign bills to do the Foreign Exchange trick that is shown on the DVD!

The routines you'll learn on this DVD will make it possible for you to do reputation-making money magic anytime, anywhere! Perfect for for those magicians who want to do strolling and restaurant work.
And also perfect for sales reps, bartenders, wait staff and anyone who wants to put some WOW into their act!

Ben Salinas's secret workings and variations on the Bill Switch will have you performing this incredible visual stunner in no time!

This is an instructional DVD that comes with the gimmick you need to do the effects, but you need to supply both the borrowed U.S. bill and the U.S. bill you are changing the borrowed bill into.
It DOES come with several foreign bills that you can use when you want to turn U.S. currency into foreign currency.

To answer the one question we constantly get about this effect:
The Bill Switch is a TRICK- you will NOT be able to actually change the denomination of money for real.
It will APPEAR that you are changing the denomination, but actually you are secretly SWITCHING one bill for another, using sleight of hand.
You must supply ALL OF THE REAL MONEY yourse
lf. This does not actually create any money.
IT IS A TRICK- and a very good one!

Contents of the DVD:

  • Types of Thumbtips
  • The Vlado Switch
  • My Favorite Switch
  • Thumbtip-less Switch
  • 3 Way Bill Switch
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Self-Contained Switch
  • Mismade Bill
  • Origami Bill
  • Show Me The Money
  • Osmosis
  • Rockstar
  • ImpossiBill

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • The Reserve Bill Switch DVD
  • special switching gimmick
  • several foreign bills

You supply the real U.S. paper currency needed.

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