*CLOSEOUT* DVD- Luke Jermay's Skullduggery
Material from 7 Deceptions and brand new developments!

*CLOSEOUT* DVD- Luke Jermay's Skullduggery


BIZARRE MAGICK: Material from 7 Deceptions and brand new developments!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2



This item is BRAND NEW, still SEALED in original packaging.
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This is the first time Luke has allowed any of his work to appear on film, and we are sure it will prove to be a real treat for magic lovers.
This DVD features material from 7 Deceptions and brand new developments of effects from 7 Deceptions as well as some unpublished material.


For Andruzzi:
Stop your own pulse...with no gimmicks!
And-stop a spectator's pulse without even touching them!
No stooges, confirmed by another audience member, this is the real work!

A Twisted Palm:
During a palm reading, the lines on the spectator's palm apparently move and twist on their own.
A stunning combination of linguistics, psychology and neurology.

The 7th Deception:
A new version of an effect that saw print in 7 Deceptions.
Mixing suggestion and magic to achieve a powerful and touching moment as well as a strong performance piece of mentalism.
This is the way Luke uses this effect in every show.

And If I Fall:
A coin disappears from the performers hand reappearing in the closed fist of a spectator.

A spectator thinks of a time, another spectator amazingly set the hands of a face down watch to the very time thought of by the first spectator.

A Darker Dai:
A brand new version of an effect that first saw print in 7 Deceptions.
Five objects are displayed.
A spectator is asked to simply cast a shadow over one of the five while the performers back is turned.
Upon turning back around the performer correctly senses which of the objects was selected.
All wrapped in a neat story making a wonderful performance piece of strong mentalism.

The Burst Bubble Suggestion:
A versatile method of causing a spectator to actually feel their thought "pop" out of their mind and into the mind of the performer.

All performed in a real world setting and then explained in detail!

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