86 DISCONTINUED DVD- Scotch and Soda Secrets
Secret handling tricks for your Scotch and Soda coins!

86 DISCONTINUED DVD- Scotch and Soda Secrets


Learn secret handling techniques and tricks for your Scotch and Soda or Dime and Penny coins!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video


Make your most powerful coin effect EVEN BETTER!


Scotch and Soda is, without a doubt, one of the most incredible AND easiest coin effects ever invented!
Why? Because it seems impossible, yet it practically works all by itself!

The basic effect involves coins switching places while IN YOUR SPECTATOR's HAND.
That's amazing enough right there!

But wait- what ELSE can you do with this amazing trick coin set?
This DVD reveals the secrets to MORE tricks you can do with your Scotch and Soda coins set, including passing a coin through a table, using the coins in a stunning card trick, different ways to make the coins vanish, and much more!

And yes, these SAME SECRETS work equally well with a Dime and Penny trick coin set, if that's what you have!

A Scotch and Soda coin set (or Dime and Penny set) is needed to do the tricks on this DVD.
It is NOT included, but you can buy a Scotch and Soda set here.

Contents of the DVD:

  • Original Scotch and Soda Routine
  • Dissolving Coin
  • Two Coin Vanish
  • Simple Coin Transpo
  • Card Finding Coin
  • Mexican Spellbound
  • Coin Thru Table
  • Coin Thru Hand
  • Watch
  • Coin Sandwich

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Scotch and Soda Secrets Revealed DVD

DVD ONLY. You will need a Scotch and Soda coin set.

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