DVD- Quick Tricks
Be ready to do incredible magic ANYTIME with ordinary objects!

DVD- Quick Tricks


Be ready to do incredible magic ANYTIME with ordinary objects!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

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Never be caught unprepared again!


Learn some easy yet amazing tricks you can do on the spur of the moment- even if you didn't bring any of your usual magic tricks with you!
Watch magician Ben Salinas as he teaches you the secret techniques that will let you perform the most incredible magic with everyday items- anytime, anwhere!

Pick up a pen from someone's desk- and make it vanish right in front of their eyes!
Break a rubber band, then put it back together magically!
Vanish a roll of Lifesavers in the blink of an eye!
And much more!

Next time they say "Show me a trick" you'll be ready!

Contents of the DVD:

  • Flip Stick Vanish: Easily vanish a pen right in front of your spectators with no gimmick
  • Vanishing Lipstick: Vanish a lipstick or similar shaped object
  • Candy Vanish: Vanish a roll of Lifesavers candy
  • Coin Through the Pocket: Magically pass a coin right through your pants into your pocket
  • Black Hole Vanish: Rub a coin on a table top- the coin disappears
  • Three of a Kind: Make small objects magically travel from one place to another
  • Broken and Restored Rubberband: Break a rubber band and magically make it whole again
  • Center Tear: The professional secret method for learning what was written on a paper
  • Magic Printing Business Card: Print a blank business card right in your hand
  • Static Pen: Make an ordinary pen stick to your hand

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What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Quick Tricks DVD

DVD ONLY. You supply the ordinary items.

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