86 DISCONTINUED DVD Set- Complete Card Magic
Perform card magic like a pro- even if you're a beginner!

86 DISCONTINUED DVD Set- Complete Card Magic


Perform card magic like a pro- even if you're a beginner- with this 4-DVD set!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

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Everything you'll EVER need to know!


This is a complete course of instructional card magic on FOUR DVDs!
EVERY move you'll ever need, to perform ANY card trick you find in magic books and magazines!

How many times have you wanted to learn a great new trick, but did not know how to do the shuffle or cut called for in the instructions?
Finally, you can learn all the moves (or brush up on your skills)!

This AMAZING series will take you from beginner to extreme expert by teaching you basic to advanced card handling, then teaching you some fantastic tricks using the moves!
sLearn the most important card moves including forces, flourishes, shuffles, cuts and sleights!

Ideal for beginners or as a refresher or reference for the advanced magician.

Contents of the DVDs:

DVD 1: Beginner Tricks
  • The Betting Game - This fun effect fools them every time.
  • A Simple Card Revelation - Here’s a little mystery with a big finish.
  • Eyes Are The Window to the Soul - Look into their eyes and find their card.
  • Pulse - Find a card while feeling their heartbeat.
  • 21 Card Trick - A contemporary classic using three rows of seven.
  • CRUNCH!! - Find a chosen card using your sense of bite.
  • Up to Her Old Tricks - The gypsy queen helps you find the selected card.
  • I’m Having a Spell - Spell out a random card to find a spectator’s card.
  • Lie Detector - If they lie about their card, truth is, you’ll find it.
  • What is He Talking About? - Name the wrong card, but show you were right.
  • Cowboys and Indians - This story will become one of your favorites.
  • Into the Future - You predict the cards that they randomly deal.
  • Sisters - Two queens mysteriously find their sisters.
  • Do as I Do - Two decks are exchanged until you both select the same card.
DVD 1: Intermediate Tricks
  • 21 Card Trick Outdone - A new spin on a contemporary classic.
  • The What? - A card instantly changes in a spectator’s hand.
  • Further Than That - A multi-level mystery that is sure to impress.
  • Lie Detector II - A great follow-up to the original mystery.
  • Use Your Powers For Good - A mystery that tests a spectator’s psychic powers.
  • Color Changing Deck - Find a blue card in a red deck, or is it a blue deck?
  • Time Travel - Go back in time and find cards where they started.
  • Invisible Cards - Name their card using an invisible deck. Incredible!
  • One the Easy Way, One the Hard Way - Two techniques for finding two selected cards.
  • Amazing Aces - The aces appear on the tops of four random piles.
  • X Marks the Spot - A lost card reappears on an imaginary “X”.
  • Card Thru Hand - Riffle a card through your hand and into their hand.
  • Quicker than the Eye - Cards quickly switch places, right in their hands!
  • Two Card Challenge - Two cards selected, two cards found, but you’ll still fool them.
DVD 2: Advanced Tricks
  • The Ace Challenge - Four cuts all produce the ace of spaces, or do they?
  • Twisting the Aces - All the aces appear, even the stubborn ace of spades.
  • Marked Deck - Your home-made deck looks normal, or does it?
  • Amazing Ace Thru Four - Turn these cards over, then change their color.
  • Back to Basics Poker - Five cards with no faces become a Royal Flush.
  • Magnetic Finger - Find cards, thru a hanky, with your magnetic finger.
  • Stabbed Coincidence - They stab their card right between matching cards.
  • Riffle Stop Poker - Riffle, flip, and twist the cards into a Royal Flush.
  • Acrobatic Aces - Aces jump piles, until one gets stuck in the middle.
  • Card Warp - Two cards folded together- and one turns inside out.
  • Coney Island Caper - Hungry enough to eat a playing card hot dog?
  • Homing Card - Find their card in your pocket, not once, but twice.
  • Rub-away Cards - Rub cards into your pocket, right thru the fabric.
  • Triumph - Will you lose their card in the deck, or will you Triumph?
DVD 2: Expert Tricks
  • A Very Good Hand - Turn a hand of five blank aces into a Royal Flush!
  • Oil and Water - Jacks and Aces magically separate like oil and water.
  • Chicago Opener - Their card turns blue in your red deck. Amazing!
  • Jacks or Better - Their chosen card jumps right between the Jacks.
  • The Sound of Your Cards - Listen. Your cards tell you where their card is.
  • Simple Arithmetic - Two wrong cards can make the right one. Awesome!
  • The Ambitious Ace Thru Five - Five cards rise to the top with a powerful finish.
  • One Last Card - Their card is always in the last place you look.
  • You Ain’t Going to Believe This - You lose their card, but it finds its way back.
  • Fancy Ace Cutting - Four crafty ways of finding your friends, the Aces.
DVD 3: Expert EXTREME Tricks
  • The Collector - Four Aces capture three selected cards in the deck.
  • The Man from New York - When you cut to the Aces, you unshuffle the deck.
  • Here, There, and Everywhere - If your cards are their cards, then where are yours?
  • Gambler’s Thumbs - Catch a card cheater by watching their thumbs.
  • Chameleon Card - A card changes color in their hand and in mid-air.
  • The Most Ambitious Card Mystery - Many ways to make their signed card rise to the top.
  • Gerry’s Jumping Coin Trick - Add some flare with magical jumping coins.
  • Optical Illusion - Change Aces into Kings and back again. Incredible!
  • Computer Deck - Turn your deck into a hi-tech cardboard computer.
  • Real Magic - The amazing Aces outsmart the rest of the deck.
DVD 4: HOW TO DO: Forces! Shuffles! Flourishes!

Do you want to know their card before they select it? You will learn FOURTEEN ways to FORCE a card!
Included: Marked Cards, The Classic Force, 10 to 20 Force, Balducci Force, The Glide Force, The Dribble Force, Gerry's Hindu Force, The Riffle Force, The Shuffle Force, The Spread Force, The Toss Force, Touch A Card Force, Touch A Card II, Under the Handkerchief

When you mix the cards you may also control them! Learn SEVEN essential methods of SHUFFLING!
Included: The Hindu Shuffle, The Riffle Shuffle, Push Thru Shuffle. The Zarrow Shuffle, Faro Shuffle, The Overhand Shuffle, One Handed Shuffle

Enhance your card magic by adding some eye candy. Add these SIX card FLOURISHES to your routine!
Included: The Ribbon Spread. Closing a Fan, Hot Shot, The Pressure Fan, Table Fan Close, Card Spring

Cutting the cards is more than just dividing the deck. Add flare and control with TEN famous CUTS!
Included: The Octopus Cut, One-Handed Cut, The Blind Swivel Cut, The Kick Cut, The Scissors Cut, The Charlier Cut, Erdnase False Cut, The Double Undercut, Double Undercut to the Table, Undercut to the Table

Sleight of Hand is the key to card magic success. Master these 21 SLEIGHTS and amaze everyone!
Included:The Triple Lift, The Glide II, Transferring the Break, Rub-a-dub Vanish, Palming, Jordan Count, The Flustration Move, Elmsley Count, The Card Fold, The Biddle Move, The Pass, The Glide, The Break, The Siva Count, The Revolve Change, Catching a Glimpse, Hammon Count, Flourish and a Pass, The Double Lift, Braue Reverse, Table Palm

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Complete Card Magic DVD set

DVDs ONLY. You supply your own ordinary playing cards.

Customer Reviews

Good Teacher
Gerry Griffin is definitely a wonderful teacher. He doesn't rush or anything. He really goes slowly and makes sure it is easy to understand. Even though Gerry has obviously done the trick hundreds of times and could do it with his eyes closed he explains it slowly, methodically and thoroughly. He teaches you tricks that you will like and will definitely want to do for your friends.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from FL. on 9/30/2015
Worth the Price
Easily the best DVD set on card magic that I have come across. I believe this was originally a 7 DVD set that sold for more than $200. With better technology, they were able to put it on a 4-DVD set without eliminating any material, so this re-release is a total bargain. I am a fairly advanced card magician, but even some of the beginner effects were new to me. And very good! It was also great to have a refresher on some of the important card moves. All in all, an excellent purchase.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from IL. on 9/12/2015
Twisting the Aces
I was very happy to find the instructions for a couple of amazing card effects on this set, namely Twisting the Aces and Oil and Water. I knew how to do these tricks years ago, but forgot some of the moves. After getting this DVD set, I was able to learn those tricks again. Yes, they get the same terrific reaction that I remember. Buy this set for those effects alone and you won't be sorry.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from MA. on 5/5/2015
8 hours!
There is a lot of material here. More than 8 hours of lessons. I felt like I really got my moneys worth. May take me a couple of years to get through it all. At least now I know where to find out how to do a specific card move. It is definitely in here.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from FL. on 3/3/2015

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