Turn HALF of any ordinary playing card or business card inside out!



Turn HALF of any ordinary playing card or business card inside out!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Absolutely A STUNNER!


And the ripped-apart card makes a souvenir your spectator will be sure to keep!

Two cards are folded in half, one the long way with the face showing and one the short way with the back design showing.
The long card is sandwiched inside the short one so that both ends of the long card can be seen peeking out from inside the short card.

Now the magic begins!
The long card is pushed to one side, so that only one end of the long card can be seen (and it is the face side that is seen).
Next, the long card is pushed the other way, so that the other end is peeking from the short card- only now, the back design of the long card is seen!
The card has turned itself inside out!

The long card is then pushed so that both ends can be seen-
now one end shows the face design, and the other end the back design!

And the grand finale- the cards are ripped in half, and it can be seen that the long card indeed has become half face and half back!
A stunner!

This effect works with any ordinary playing cards- even business cards!

This DVD lets you first watch the complete routine as performed by Ben Salinas and then learn how to master it yourself!

Bonus Section: Steve Tippeconnic presents Phantom Cards, a stunning magical transposition of the four aces.

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What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Card Warp DVD

DVD only.
You supply the ordinary playing cards or business cards.

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

Here is the CARD WARP presented by Australian Master Magician Jack Daniels:
Visit Jack Daniels' MAGIC TO BELIEVE

One of the most shocking card tricks you can do. Think about it. You are taking two regular playing cards, folding them, and making one of them turn inside out. The proof is in their hands at the end. They are holding the ripped pieces, showing that the card was half face up and half face down. If you want to leave them speechless, this is the card trick for you. Yes, it is also easy to learn, which is shocking in itself.
Reviewed by:   from MN. on 6/30/2015

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