DISCONTINUED DVD- Bill in Kiwi Trick
Signed bill vanishes, then reappears inside a piece of kiwi fruit!

DISCONTINUED DVD- Bill in Kiwi Trick


Vanish a signed borrowed bill and, it reappears inside a real piece of kiwi fruit!


Ages 13 and up   Level 3

Demo Video


What a surprise ending!


It's the classic Bill in Lemon trick taken to a whole new level!

You know the trick- you borrow a dollar bill from a spectator, let the spectator sign the bill, you make the bill vanish, and hand the spectator a piece of real fruit.
The spectator cuts the fruit open- and there is his signed dollar bill inside!

This TWO DVD set will not only teach you the secret to performing this amazing and reputation-making trick, but you'll also get instruction and ideas on performing many variations.
There's a LOT of information here!

Master magician Carl Cloutier made his reputation with this effect, and he's finally sharing his secrets now.
Plus, he's giving you loads of bonus information that will help you make this routine a part of your show for years to come.

DVD ONE: Carl's Signature Routine

  • The Bill In Kiwi Routine Performance
  • The Bill In Kiwi Routine Explained

DVD TWO: Watch & Learn

  • Sports Ball Routine - Sleight of hand
  • Bounce No Bounce - Comedy routine
  • Traveler - Four signed cards to pockets
  • Slimfast Routine - Signed card appears in sealed can
  • Pepper Routine - A magical appearance in a pepper
  • Magazine Routine - So good, it's unbelievable
  • Cards Across - Carl's version of an age old classic
  • Liquid Asset - A signed glass with liquid
  • Coin Trick - Great closing routine

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Bill in Kiwi 2- DVD set

DVD only. You will need an ordinary bill and a real kiwi fruit.

Customer Reviews

Practice Makes Perfect
The moves can be a little difficult to get down, but it will be worth it once you do. In addition to showing the main routine, Carl also presents additional routines and effects on the second disc. Be aware that to do these other effects will require lots of practice. It's amazing to see how smooth Carl is in executing the necessary sleights, though.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from MA. on 7/8/2015
It's Work
You know that these tricks are not going to be easy. First off, this isn't a walk around kind of trick. If you do a show where you can sit at table and your audience is sitting too, then it's absolutely phenomenal. It will take a lot of practice to get it right, but like any really good effect, it takes a lot of work and a lot of time. Once you get it right, the pay off will be huge. Borrowing a signed bill and making it appear inside of a kiwi that's been sitting on the table the whole time is pretty amazing. If you are looking for a reputation maker, this is it.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from NY. on 2/8/2015
Disc 2
The Bill in Kiwi is great, but the best part of this set is Disc 2. This DVD teaches you moves that you will use over and over. Highly Recomended!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from HI. on 12/28/2014

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