DVD- Stripper Deck Instruction: 30 Tricks
Learn the secret of this amazing trick deck- perform dozens of tricks!

DVD- Stripper Deck Instruction: 30 Tricks


Learn the secret of this amazing trick deck- perform dozens of tricks!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Incredible magic is at your fingertips!

This is an instructional DVD only. To do the tricks shown on the DVD, you need a Stripper Deck, which is NOT INCLUDED but can be purchased from MagicTricks.com.

The Stripper Deck is one of the most ingenious magical tools ever devised. This DVD teaches you how to use the special secret of the Stripper Deck to perform miraculous feats - just as if you were a professional card mechanic. Wow, it's AMAZING what you can do with the Stripper Deck!

Contents of the DVD:

  • Intro to the Stripper Deck
  • Basic Handling and Shuffling Techniques
  • Anatomy of a Stripper Deck
  • Advanced Cutting
  • Magician's Millennium Move
  • Fixing the Deck
  • Reversed Card To Top
  • Stripper Dec
  • K Force
  • Hindu Shuffle Control
  • Pick a Card, Any Card
  • Gambler's Choice
  • Gambler's Choice Variation
  • Covered Vision
  • The Guarded Deck
  • Cutting the Deck
  • Easy Giant Fan
  • Color Separation
  • All Mixed Up
  • Odds and Evens
  • Dealing a Poker Hand
  • Ghostly Turnover
  • Picking Your Pocket
  • Mind Miracle
  • The Dream Double
  • Miracle Separation
  • Feeling the Cut
  • Running Gag
  • Sticky Situation
  • Rising Card Bit
  • One Handed Showoff
  • Classic Card Reversal
  • Turnover Card Bet
  • Card On Forehead
Compare What's the difference between the STRIPPER Decks?

A DVD is easier to learn from because you can see everything exactly as you are supposed to do it. You may not want to do every single trick you see here. Some are way better than others. But how many tricks do you really need to know? There are enough here that you will find what you need.
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