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Real English Penny with both sides HEADS!
Real half dollar with both sides HEADS!
Real quarter with both sides "Heads" or both "Tails"
Learn to produce endless coins from the air, with no gimmicks necessary!
Turn two coins into one, one into two, make the coin vanish and more!
Perform coin vanishes, transpositions and penetrations with this precision-made quarter coin shell!
Make real quarters travel invisibly between these cups!
Make gold and silver coins appear, vanish and reappear in your hand!
Make coins travel invisibly, then vanish!
Make silver dollars appear, multiply and vanish at your fingertips!
BONUS: Comes with EXCLUSIVE secret tips video
Place a real coin into this box- the coin vanishes at your command!
Touch a penny with the pen- the penny instantly changes to a miniature penny!
BONUS: Includes a FREE Pen Penetration!
Vanish a coin from inside a small wood box- fool those who think they saw what you did!
Legendary tumbling blocks magic trick and puzzle!
Jumbo metal coin creates a real surprise!
Wood version of the legendary tumbling blocks magic trick and puzzle!
Correctly predict which coin will be the last one remaining!
BONUS VIDEO: Get exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips and routine from Peter Monticup!
Change one coin into another in the blink of an eye!
BONUS: Includes PERSONAL coin inspection
Punch two miniature pennies out of a real coin!
Produce and vanish quarters in the blink of an eye!
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