Coin Magic Tricks
Easy and amazing magic tricks with coins!
Here are the greatest trick coins, gimmicked coin sets, coin magic books and DVD instruction.

Coin Magic

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Instantly make a quarter appear inside a glass- NO SKILL!
Push real quarters right through a real half dollar!
Slim design! Safely store and carry your coin tricks in this handy coin wallet!
Vanish a borrowed coin, make it reappear inside the middle of four nested boxes!
Make a real coin vanish or change it into another coin!
Push four real coins through solid brass!
Make a real coin visibly penetrate right through a clear glass!
BONUS: Video instruction with Monticup's expert tips!
$11.99 $5.99
Visibly vanish real coins from this stand!
BONUS: exclusive video SECRET TECHNIQUE!
Make a real coin vanish right before their eyes!
BONUS: Comes with exclusive instruction video
Change an English penny into an American half dollar coin!
BONUS: Comes with exclusive instruction video
Magical cookie changes pennies to dimes and restores itself when a bite is taken- and more!
Make a dime vanish from your spectator's hand!
Real US nickel with both sides "Heads"!
Real penny with both sides "Heads"
Real half dollar with both sides "Heads" or both "Tails"
Real quarter with both sides "Heads" or both "Tails"
Learn to perform amazing magic tricks with your ordinary coins!
Learn secret techniques and routines for your Folding Coin!
Learn to produce endless coins from the air, with no gimmicks necessary!
Learn secret handling techniques and tricks for your Scotch and Soda or Dime and Penny coins!
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