Amazing magic tricks that can be done right in front of their eyes, close up and personal!

Closeup Tricks

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Change the number of spots on a pair of dice, right in your hand, over and over!
Link borrowed finger rings together!
Link these round mint candies together!
Easily link and unlink small solid metal rings!
The popular Linking Rings Set in GOLD!
Finally available again!
Chosen card escapes from a padlocked deck and appears in your pocket!
Make little red balls vanish, appear, multiply and more- inside an ordinary coffee cup!
Pour the pills from the vial- they stand up on end!
$9.99 $6.99
Make a borrowed coin reappear inside a bag that's inside a box that's inside another box!
Make the pages of a POCKET coloring book color themselves-then vanish the drawings!
$5.99 $4.49
Instantly change a single black die into a handful of tiny white dice!
The magic knot ties two silks together- then unties itself!
Make the printing on a pencil move!
Cards disappear from side of mug, leaving only the chosen card!
BONUS: Comes with FREE forcing deck!
Produce and vanish quarters in the blink of an eye!
Perform lots of easy but amazing tricks- perfect for the young magician!
A bag full of fun and easy tricks!
Lots of easy to perform tricks- comes with DVDs!
Instantly perform lots of easy but amazing tricks- even beginners can do these magical miracles!
Instantly perform lots of easy tricks right out of your pocket!
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