Amazing magic tricks that can be done right in front of their eyes, close up and personal!

Closeup Tricks

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Fold any coins into the magic papers, and the coins vanish, then reappear!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's exclusive instruction video
$2.99 $1.99
Magically pass a button right through a solid box, and make the hole vanish!
Know instantly which number your spectator thought of!
All of the beads in the tin turn into the spectator's color!
Make little balls vanish, reappear and multiply using a chalice cup!
Change 3 silver CDs into 3 color disks! Two DIFFERENT methods included!
Make colorful silks appear, vanish and change color in your hand!
Make little balls vanish, reappear, and multiply in a single cup!
Make little balls vanish, reappear and multiply using a single brass cup!
Make little balls vanish, reappear and multiply using a single small metal cup!
Produce a large ball, apple or orange from this really large chop cup!
$34.99 $23.99
Push a chrome pen through paper without leaving a hole!
Make a small item suddenly appear in an empty box!
Pass a real borrowed cigarette through a playing card!
Make your spectator's signed card appear inside a clear box!
BONUS: Includes exclusive video with tips and routine
Car stops at card chosen by spectator!
BONUS: exclusive video- Secret Methods For Setting the Gimmick Correctly
Know instantly which card your spectator thought of!
Float a playing card in midair above the deck!
Instantly make a quarter appear inside a glass- NO SKILL!
Push real quarters right through a real half dollar!
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