Amazing magic tricks that can be done right in front of their eyes, close up and personal!

Closeup Tricks

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Totally impossible and different Cups and Balls set!
Get exclusive ONLINE instruction from Peter Monticup!/span>
Instantly multiply ordinary coins- right into their hands!
Make little sponge feet appear, disappear, multiply- and turn into a Big Foot!
Make a cute pair of sponge rabbits appear, disappear- and multiply!
Produce banana after banana- and then make them vanish!
Turn one banana into two- then into a whole handful!
Push a pen through a dollar bill without making a hole!
Mystical pendulum swings in different directions to answer questions!
Make a wand vanish, pass through a block, reappear and change color!
Bend a nail between your bare fingers!
BONUS: Online video instruction for Monticup's barehanded technique!/span>
Make a small brass weight defy gravity!
Pull a string through a ball, a box- and your spectator's finger!
Visibly chop your finger into two pieces!
Simply turn this ring to make it shrink or grow larger!
Turn separate red, white and blue ropes into a single red-white-blue rope!
Comedy surprise- produce your spectator's favorite "pea"!
Push a pencil through a solid sheet of plastic without leaving a hole!
An optical illusion domino switcheroo!
THEY choose where to place their personal effects- but YOU are always right!
Make a string pass right through a solid brass nut!
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